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Golden Griffin Cover Web.jpg
The Golden Griffin

Georgia Vinup and David Prescott


SNicholas and Jillian Prentiss, an archeologist and his photographer wife, plan to spend a quiet summer at their castle in Scotland. But after they invite some close friends to the castle for an extended visit, they discover that their home is hiding extraordinary secrets from a dark past. What began as a peaceful sojourn evolves into a mystery that must be solved before evil conspirators converge to threaten everything Nicholas and Jillian have worked and dreamed for.

Night at the Basking Iguana

Sandi Penniman


There's a restaurant so unique that it only opens one night a year. Nobody knows when it will open. Or where. China, Australia, Brazil—the location always changes.

When up-and-coming chef Alex Peabody gets a special invitation to attend the restaurant, she'll give up almost anything to attend. But there's a catch. Alex must track down a seriesof clues to find the restaurant's current location.


What follows is a worldwide treasure hunt to find the clues that will lead her to The Basking Iguana

Spring 2018
Mona Ashleigh

Richard Levine


Fourteen-year-old “Bugboy” is baffled when beautiful, Brazil-nut-eyed Ashleigh sits at the school lunchroom table he shares with his other “Defective” friends. Is this the first salvo in a mischievous prank orchestrated by the “Normals,” or is it serendipitous, as Bugboy, a serial crusher, is currently crushing on Ashleigh?

Serendipitous perhaps, but not accidental. As their friendship blossoms, Bugboy discovers that Ashleigh is not only beautiful, brilliant, and in possession of rare physical grace, but also, as fragile a person as he has ever known. Getting to know her is a fantasy come true, but behind the fantasy, a grim reality lurks, readying to punch back.

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