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Mukade Island Cover Web.jpg
Mukade Island
The Island Chronicles, Vol. 1

Nikki Bennett

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Get ready to face the horrors and wonders that will ensnare you as you fight to survive your journey through THE ISLAND CHRONICLES.

Begin by braving the horrific monsters and unimaginable peril on MUKADE ISLAND. Join Jack, Steffi, Rob, Steve and Keiko as they struggle to survive in this strange, alien place. Delve into deep caverns and discover incredible treasures. Join forces with the mysterious green-eyed, purple bats as you battle terrifying monsters. Fight and conquer the ferocious tribe that controls the island. And find a way to escape across the poisonous sea.

MUKADE ISLAND is the start of an adventure like nothing on Earth.

Anansi Island Cover Web.jpg
Anansi Island
The Island Chronicles, Vol. 2

Nikki Bennett

Welcome to Anansi Island. An island with a horrendous terror and a hidden secret...

Jack and his friends escape Mukade Island, only to land on an island where the only chance of survival is to solve the island’s riddles and vanquish a horrible evil. If they succeed, they will be one step closer to escape.

And one island closer to finding their way home...

ANANSI ISLAND is the gripping sequel of an adventure like nothing on Earth.

Moka Island Cover Web.jpg
Moka Island
The Island Chronicles, Vol. 3

Nikki Bennett

Welcome to Moka Island. An island that holds a glimpse of hope for the future...


Jack and Steffi leave their companions behind as they sail across the orange sea, searching for the clues they need to escape the world they’re trapped in. What they discover is an island where the word “terror” takes on a whole new meaning. But this island might just hold the clue that will finally send them home...

MOKA ISLAND is the conclusion of an adventure like nothing on Earth.

The Trouble With Dead People

Nikki Bennett


When fifteen year old Harper Dillon inadvertently triggers a bizarre chain of events that culminates in the deaths of four innocent people, she finds herself embroiled in an ancient curse that could destroy the world. With the help of her oddball sister, her best friend, and the dead victims' ghosts, Harper sets out on a wild journey to end the curse and regain her normal life

Mona Ashleigh Paperback Cover.jpg
Mona Ashleigh

Richard Levine


Fourteen-year-old “Bugboy” is baffled when beautiful, Brazil-nut-eyed Ashleigh sits at the school lunchroom table he shares with his other “Defective” friends. Is this the first salvo in a mischievous prank orchestrated by the “Normals,” or is it serendipitous, as Bugboy, a serial crusher, is currently crushing on Ashleigh? Serendipitous perhaps, but not accidental. As their friendship blossoms, Bugboy discovers that Ashleigh is not only beautiful, brilliant, and in possession of rare physical grace, but also, as fragile a person as he has ever known. Getting to know her is a fantasy come true, but behind the fantasy, a grim reality lurks, readying to punch back.

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